Ramblings: Londo Molari

If you don’t know who Londo Molari is, you need to go watch Babylon 5. The graphics may be dated and some of the acting in season 1 may lack a little something (I’m looking at you Commander Sinclair), but it’s a fabulous story with awesome characters, and Londo Molari is one of the best.

Despite being a arsehole bent on furthering the cause of his empire, often to the detriment of the universe in general and the good guys in particular, I like him. He makes terrible choices and hurts a lot of people, but he posses a certain self-awareness and wisdom that makes you want him to be a good guy.

He never is, FYI. Sure, there are moments (many) when he’s the hero, takes the moral high ground, but those just make his path into darkness all the more beautiful to watch.

And his relationship with G’kar… Like two beautiful, patinated trains crashing in slow motion. They could have been such fabulous friends, if only they didn’t hate each other so much. And their ending… so satisfying, even if they both wind up dead.

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