Ramblings: Could we have a few more Lando Molaris, please?

Just started watching Handsome Siblings. Nice action sequences, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the guy who plays Jiang Feng in something before and… I’m feeling the need to get a little, tiny, extra squeaky violin out for the big bad, Yaoyue.

The script tries so hard to give her a decent reason to kill the lovebirds in episode one but… Nada. The only thing equal to this woman’s power is her sense of entitlement and the idiocy that goes with it.

Seriously, I’m over the arsehole villains whose only reason for being dicks is the overwhelming desire to make everyone miserable because someone didn’t love them enough. Can we have a little more substance please, a few more grandiose, world shaking plans with good intentions that go bad? Wise, self-aware villains who realise their mistakes only moments too late and decide to go down with the ship? Tragic coulda-been-heroes sliding into the abyss? A few more Londo Molaris?

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