The Echo

Cold Between Stars (The Echo 1)

In the dark, empty space between solar systems, something lies in wait.

It’s pretty easy being a ship kid; clean out the cyclers, avoid your sister, don’t get sucked into space. The hardest bit about it is spending a couple of decades in stasis/sleep while your ship travels to the next solar system. Then rinse and repeat all the way back to a home you’ve never seen.

Except Kuma just got kicked out of stasis early, like years early. And he’s alone.

All. Alone.

Except for the fug.

Cold Between Stars is the first book in an epic new sci-fi series perfect for fans of The Expanse and Lost in Space.

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“Sci-fi as it should be; scary, isolating. No one will hear you scream.”

–Iffet Burton, Goodreads review

Dark Between Oceans (The Echo 2)

Survival is just the beginning.

Being a ship kid is meant to be easy; cruise around the galaxy, explore a few planets, chart some asteroid belts, race cargo palettes through the ship’s freight system. It’s all fun and games until we stumble across an alien wreck, that’s when I’m kicked out of stasis/sleep to find my home under attack, my friends being eaten.

I try to save them, but all I do is make things worse.

And now… now I’m floating in an escape pod, the power fading, the cold invading my bones.


Waiting to die.

But there are worse things than death.

And they’re coming for me. 

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Echo Between Worlds (The Echo 3)

The final instalment in The Echo trilogy.
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