Ramblings: A spunky heroine & a hero who isn’t a douche

I’m not one for dramas where the main shtick is one of the leads being transformed into a pet against their will. There’s a whole heap of wrong in those scenarios and—much like the few romance books I tried reading recently—I spend most of the time wanting to smack the characters around the head.

*shudders* Just thinking about it makes my lip curl.

Nonetheless, I find myself watching I’m a pet at Dali Temple, with a heroine who’s transformed into a cat and sent into the past, reasons unknown.

Surprise, I’m not hating it. Don’t get me wrong, its not winning any awards, I’m not putting it on my re-watch list and the fast forward button is being liberally applied, but… It’s cute, it’s fluffy, the heroine is spunky, the hero isn’t a duche and he looks like he’s old enough to legally drink (always a bonus).

Plus, the mystery subplot is giving me Jun Jiu Ling vibes (although not as cool) and the heroine has skillz. She’s a yin yang master, or an apprentice at least, which is almost as cool as a Jedi, but not quite as cool as a Sith Inquisitor with force lightning (my fave SWtOR class). She’s also got brains, big brass ovaries and a go-get-em attitude, so I like her, and the hero… He’s shaping up pretty well, respectful even, just how I like my dudes.

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