The countdown begins, Echo Between Worlds is coming!


I hate going to the dentist. It’s the high-pitched whine of the drill that does it, and those little needles they use for the local anaesthetic just top it off; that crunching they make when they go in the roof of your mouth *shudder*.

Anyway, I had to visit the tooth doctor the other week and as soon as they popped the chair back up, I was outta there like a shot! Or as like a shot as was possible while trying to maintain some semblance of dignity. 

I’m pretty sure I succeeded only because the dentist was too busy making notes on the computer.

Now, on to more interesting topics!

The final book is almost done!

The first round of edits for Echo Between Worlds are back. I haven’t opened the email yet. Editorial feedback is both scary and exciting, scary because… well, what if my editor hates it? But exciting because the book is almost done.

Honestly, I’m not really worried about my editor hating the book (she’s already told me she loves it). It’s more that I have last-book-itis, where you’re just so completely over a series and you’re ready for it to “hurry up and end already!” so you can concentrate on the next book.

If you haven’t already, you can read the first three (unedited) chapters right now.

And hey, if you haven’t read any of the Echo books yet, I suggest you start with book 1, Cold Between Stars (<—link to free preview), or you’re going to be a little lost – it’s the kind of series you need to read in order.

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