That’s Reality: Sami Valentine on Diverse Characters

Sami Valentine is the author of the urban fantasy series, The Red Witch Chronicles. When she agreed to an interview, I was expecting the usual written response to my questions, and then she sent me a link, and surprise!

I love this interview.

Sami Valentine talks about diverse characters.

About Sami Valentine

Sami Valentine is an urban fantasy writer who grew up in the desert on Anne Rice novels.

Formerly a mild-mannered librarian, she had a quarter-life crisis and shook everything up. She started working in an LGBT homeless center, shaved some of her head, and got really into tarot. After realizing that her goal in life was to get out of her small town and she only made it 30 minutes up the highway, she filled a bag and left. That was two years and a dozen countries ago.

Currently, she lives the nomadic life and could be found anywhere with a decent wifi signal.

You can find out more about Sami and her books on her website and connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.


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