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Scrivener - Snowflake layout w QuickReference
A new project using the Snowflake Method template. As you can see, I like to be organised and I really, really, like templates.

This week, I decided to take a break from my frustrations (otherwise known as a first draft) and trial the Snowflake Method of writing a novel. I even found a great Scrivener template to start me off.

Currently, I’m at step five, character synopses, of the ten-step process. It was this step, and the previous character-related step, that made me realise I needed some comprehensive template sheets to assist me in the planning/world-building process. Since it’s not every day I create planets and interstellar empires (I’m writing a sci-fi) I needed a little help with what to include in the template. A comprehensive google didn’t turn up any Scrivener-ready templates, but I did come across a number of excellent non-Scrivener templates. Me being me, I spent a few hours Scrivener-ising what I had found and added them to the project template, along with a few new research folders and custom icons.

If you’d like to take a sticky-beak, you will find the templates below, ready for you to download, enjoy and use any which-way you like.

The template, and associated template sheets, is a work-in-progress and I’ll be adding more sheets sort-of-soon-ish. If you have any ideas for new template sheets, or know of some existing ones, please let me know! I don’t promise to include them, but I’d love to see them.

Download the goodies

Scrivener project template

Template sheets

13 thoughts on “Scrivener templates for you and me

  1. Thanks for providing these. However, I can’t open the unzipped Scrivener template file in my Mac version of Scrivener version 4.2.1. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Natalie.

      The file you downloaded is a template file (it has a “.scrivtemplate” extension) and you need to add it to your Project Templates (go to File->New Project to view) before you can use it. I’ve posted a quick tutorial to help you do that, you can find it here. Alternatively, I’ve also uploaded the template as a regular Scrivener file (listed above), which you can open as you usually would (File->Open, or by double-clicking).

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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