Bitch-space: 31 Jan 24

In today’s bitch-space I feel zonked. Got home from work 40 minutes ago, fed horses, put bins out, contemplated what to do with the cat that hates my guts but nonetheless looks like she’s on her ninth life, and then rushed inside to start a SU&W session. To which no one has turned up, bar me.

To top it off, I’d really like to eat the chicken burger in the fridge. AND after this I have to call Mim and sort out the MRW antho. Yay.

I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV, maybe even post some blog posts.

Who knows.

On the subject of blog posts, if you’re reading this on the web, go me! I finally uploaded the previous Bitch-spaces! Yay (too zonked to actually put any enthusiasm in that “yay”, just FYI).

I know I resolved to publish bitch-space a few times already, but I’ve been humming and hawing over it still. Tomorrow though (or tonight, depedning upon zonkedness) they’re going up! Or maybe Friday… whatever day it is, it’ll be before the next newsletter goes out, ’cause I’m mentioning this whole shebang there.

Phew. Four minutes in and I’ve hit the saggy middle, or at least, a little dip that would be the saggy middle if I hadn’t just reminded myself of the thought that hit me two paragraphs ago as I was talking about being zonked.

So, I’ve noticed in the past with the whole Shut Up & Write sessions after work that I need a breather between work and SU&W in order for them to work well (so many “works” in that sentence. Ugh). At the very least, I need to sit down for 15 minutes and eat something, doesn’t have to be a big something, a little something is good too. Otherwise, the creative brain shuts down and the writing seems like work.

Now, we don’t want the writing to be work, the writing should never be work (thank you, Dean Weasley Smith). The writing in fun. Is play time. I try to rest a little and eat before I get stuck in, but today, obviously not the case. Thankfully, I’d planned to edit (dreadful work, I planned to “go back over”/cycle back over) Gamer, which is fun and a lot less stressful than creating something new.

And there’s a little gem to unpack. Why is cycling over Gamer more fun the writing new shit? What’s up with that?

A symptom, no doubt, of the inner bitch.

I don’t know why… except I think I do, it’s just that I can’t put it into words. Gamer doesn’t require anything new to happen to it, I’m just filling in holes and tweaking the plot/planting metaphorical firearms in various places, but Woman in White or a shorty… Needs the two-year-old to come out and play and the two-year-old is zonked. The two-year-old wants to sit on the couch and play with other people’s stories. Is that a bad thing? How do I get the two-year-old to want to play with our stories?

I guess type type type is the way to find out. I’m kinda excited to start Woman in White and the whole NaNo-Novella thing. I want to get Gamer off my plate first, and Short Bits Collected Edition, give the two-year-old room to breathe without extra stress heaped on top.

So… saggy middle.

Said all that I wanted to say and now I have two minutes left on the clock and what do I do now? Blah blah blah, except that’s boring. What else do we type? I could write a story, but I really just want to eat. You know what, I think that’s what I’m going to do after this. I’m still the only one in the SU&W session, guess that means I can end it early and munch down on that chicken burger.


Chicken burger.

Featured image by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash.

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