Day 7 – 2020 Hero Rebellion Advent Calendar – Riven Wallpaper

Day 07 revealed!

Alrighty! It’s Riven week, where all the goodies are focused on book 2.

We’re starting off this week with another fabulous desktop wallpaper!

Click the image to download the full-sized file! The version above is really small and won’t look that good on your computer, but if you click through you’ll get the full-sized version.

Don’t miss a day! There a couple of 24-hour only offers coming up; to make sure you don’t miss out, get on the 2020 Advent Calendar notification list and have every new reveal delivered to your inbox.

Not sure how to change the desktop/background picture on your desktop or phone?

Check out these instructions for:

If your device isn’t listed Google “change desktop image on [your device]”.

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