Dark Between Oceans is here!

Survival is just the beginning. Get Dark Between Oceans now, at your favourite retailer.

Dark Between Oceans is here! 

Me doing a happy dance with sound effects, which kinda went “do do do, do do do. Bop!”.

I had a lot of fun writing Dark Between Oceans, and a few of the scenes kinda blew my mind. I was typing away and it was like my fingers had taken over from my body and this crazy stuff was coming out**. At first I was like “this isn’t making it to the final draft”, but then I went back and you know what? I really, really liked it. It was still crazy but it was fun crazy.

What’s really exciting though, is that it looks like the Review Crew has had as much fun reading Dark as I had writing it! Yay!

I hope you enjoy it too. 

You can grab your copy by hitting the button.

A little note; if you haven’t read the first book you should do that before diving into Dark. To help you out, you can grab Cold Between Stars for just 99c until tomorrow on Amazon (24 Nov).

P.S. **I’m not going to tell you what the crazy scene is (spoilers) but I will say that it involves a spacesuit, a back and thrusters.

The cover of Dark Between Oceans, book 2 in The Echo trilogy.

Survival is just the beginning.

Being a ship kid is meant to be easy; cruise around the galaxy, explore a few planets, chart some asteroid belts, race cargo palettes through the ship’s freight system. It’s all fun and games until we stumble across an alien wreck, that’s when I’m kicked out of stasis/sleep to find my home under attack, my friends being eaten.

I try to save them, but all I do is make things worse.

And now… now I’m floating in an escape pod, the power fading, the cold invading my bones.


Waiting to die.

But there are worse things than death.

And they’re coming for me. 

Get your copy now!

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