2016 Brains to Books Cyber Convention

Brains to Books Cyber Convention. April 8 to 10 2016.

You are cordially invited to the annual
Brains to Books Cyber Convention!

Instructions: Book lovers | Authors

Brain to Books Cyber Convention flyer

If you’re a book lover, join us at the Fairgrounds, on Goodreads, for your chance to find new favourite books, contests and freebies! Plus, I’ll be giving away a signed paperback copy of Hero
plus some cool swag!

To join in, you’ll need to sign up to Goodreads (which is free and easy, and Goodreads is very, very cool) and join the Brains to Books Cyber Convention Fairgrounds group (also free and easy).

Authors, come and be part of the fun! Meet other authors and find a few more readers! For instructions go here.

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