10 of the best and worst movie adaptations

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I love movies almost as much as I love books, and sometimes more. Such as in the case of Mary Poppins, which, as a kid, I watched so often that I wore out the tape. So, here are my picks for Top Ten Tuesday’s best and worst movie adaptations.

The best

  • True Blood
    I loved the books, but the TV series is so very different and a lot more fun (at least up to season 3).
  • One for the Money
    When I heard Katherine Heigl was playing Stephanie Plum, I almost joined the revolt, but she turned out to be very good.

Easy A movie poster

The worst

  • Elektra
    I love Elektra in the comic books (particularly The Elektra Saga), and this was very disappointing.
  • Eragon
    The bit where Saphira flies into the clouds small-dog-sized and after a few thunderclaps comes out dragon-sized, is the worst. Find the book here.

Breaking Dawn part 2 movie poster

One thought on “10 of the best and worst movie adaptations

  1. What? No Kevin Sullivan-produced Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea? πŸ˜‰

    Sure, they mashed a few of the books together to fit into 8 hours, but still – major plot points, and many minor, were well-represented. The scenery couldn’t have been more authentic since it was filmed on Prince Edward Island. And I have never seen a movie adaptation with a more perfect cast. The characters actually lived through those people.
    However, I prefer to pretend that the Anne movies which followed the original two were never actually made.

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