Pledged by Gwynneth White

The cover of 'Pledged' by Gwynneth White
I love this cover, it’s simple yet eye-catching.

Pledged, a paranormal-romance for young adults, makes a good first impression. The cover is well designed, the book trailer impressive and the blurb intriguing, however the story, while good, wasn’t great.

Immediately engaging, with excellent descriptions of place, I felt that the story moved too quickly and that too much happened. Seth and Erin, the protagonists, seemed to spend all of their time jumping from one event to another with little or no time for the reader to take a breath and really get to know them. Perhaps, if the plot hadn’t had so many twists and turns, and so many characters, White could have spent more time involving us in Erin and Seth’s plight. As it is, White has us following three romances (one of which is love/lust triangle, making it doubly complicated) and two father–son relationships, which is too much for a single book.

I think, that in a story like this, with soul-mates and destined love, the plot should be something simple and the focus on the characters rather than the events. Perhaps if White had used her ability to describe the environment to really involve us in what the characters were feeling, and limited the story to two relationships (with maybe another only hinted at), then I would have been more invested in the story. It would have slowed the pace somewhat, but that, I think, would have made Pledged great instead of just good.

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