Short Bits Collected Edition Volume 1 Multimedia Experience

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Welcome to the Short Bits Collected Edition Multimedia Experience, a trip behind the writing scenes with the author Belinda Crawford, aka me!

This series is best viewed in conjunction with the Short Bits Collected Edition 1 book, available in both ebook and paperback. If you haven’t got a copy, grab it here.

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The Wind

Although not the first written in this series of short stories, the events of The Wind start things of with this very of my take on the Norse Valkyrie.

Tim Burton (the director) has a lot to answer for, mostly for making Michelle Pfeiffer the most epic Catwoman ever, and cementing my love of the dark, outlaw heroine.

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I watch a lot of Asian television and cinema, which has heavily influenced this series of shorties, and Maelstrom in particular.

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Woman in White

The short story that started it all, and which is directly responsible for my current work in progress (working title Woman in White).

It’s got captions! This is a clip from the series that inspired part of Woman in White, called Eternal Love.

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Thank my awesome Kickstarter Heroes for this one! I hadn’t intended to include Mirror in this collection until we hit a few stretch goals in the Short Bits Collected Edition crowdfunding campaign, and my wonderful Heroes (aka, the people who backed the Kickstarter) chose Mirror and one other story.

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Reprisal (A Tale of the Light)

Not all of my inspiration comes from good sources, some inspiration hits me because I watch or read something that I don’t like, as in Reprisal.

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Little Black Book

Little Black Book and the following story, Corpses & Demons Horses, came from a weird place, which I’m really rather fond of. You can expect more stories set in this world.

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Corpses & Demon Horses

I had so much fun writing this, Corpses & Demon Horses is weird, gross and funny, all the things I like.

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Letters I’ll Never Send

Give a girl a prompt and a word limit, and she’ll ignore at least one of them, or at least that’s the case with Letters I’ll Never Send, which is going to have a sequel called Letters You Never Sent.

Honestly, I was going to share the trailer with you but its cringe-worthy, and this is so much cooler.

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The Law

Except on rare occasions, what happens in a story is never what I think will happen; The Law is one of those excepts, and I really wish it hadn’t been. Seriously, I tried really hard to avoid that ending. *sigh*

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This is Darkness

Give me a superhero story with a dark dark hero any day of the week! This is Darkness has been sitting in the back of my brain for a very long time. This was my second attempt at the story, the first attempt… we do not speak of it (it was baaaad, and not in a good way.)

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Of Crows & Beasts

Of Crows & Beasts is another shorty inspired by something I didn’t like, and like The Law it too didn’t go the way I planned.

Although not a direct influence on Of Crows & Beasts, this kind of comic book pulp noir was definitely riding high in my mind as I wrote it. It’s also one of my favourite movies.

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Don’t Die (I Am Maggie #1)

Fun fact, I first came up with the idea for Don’t Die and the rest of the I Am Maggie series while working in the deli section at the local supermarket.

Not me playing! I just wish it was me playing.

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Spirit in the Sky (I Am Maggie #2)

Two story prompts inspired Spirit in the Sky!

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Scholar (I Am Maggie #3)

I have come to the conclusion that LitRPG (stories that are based in a video game like Scholar and Ready Player One) is the western version of the Chinese wuxia and xianxia genres (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Untamed). Just sayin’.


Sister Getty’s character sheet, as you can see, there are a lot of blank spaces.


I used WOIN’s N.E.W. rulebook to generate Getty’s bio.

The cover of Ritualist (Completionist Chronicles 1) by Dakota Krout.

This book inspired me to create Sister Getty.

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Felis Fetura (I Am Maggie #5)

I so want a snarky, lazy android feline like Felix in Felis Fetura. I mean, I already have the real world version, so why not?

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Crash (The Cheshire 0.5)

Despite being a (reasonably) well adjusted human being, there’s only so much wholesome goodness I can take, and Star Trek: The Next Generation hit my limit pretty quick, hence the drug-addled hero in Crash.

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Crash (The Cheshire 1)

Two stories with the same name! Because that’s not confusing at all ???? At least they’re in the same series.

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Brother (The Echo 3.7)

East Asian storytelling has been influencing me for a very long time, although I don’t know which story came first, Sailor Moon (the inspiration behind my dark urban fantasy series, Demons & Battleskirts) or Technoman, which inspired the Sisters in Brother.

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Before you ask, yes SEED is an acronym and no, I have no idea what it stands for. If you have any ideas, I’m always open to suggestions.

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I love Transmission for many reasons, but mostly because it combines two of my favourite genres, wuxia and space opera. What’s not to love about epic sword fights on a space ship?

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Dread Space

Dread Space was an unintentional ghost story with an unintentional link to Brother and The Echo series. I love it when things happen like that!

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Thanks for watching!

Thanks for checking out the Short Bits Collected Edition 1 multimedia experience! I hope you found it both enjoyable and interesting, and maybe found a new favourite TV series or film.

If you have a question or would just love to share your love of a particular book, television series, film and/or game with me shoot me an email! We can geek out together!

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