Want to be a Hero?

It takes more than just a single, lonely author to bring a book to life; there are editors and cover designers and friends listening to us moan when our characters do something they weren’t supposed to (ugh! so frustrating!!). Most important of all though, are the readers (aka. you) who pick up our books and spend a few hours in our worlds.

You’re already my heroes, but how would you like to be a Hero, with a capital “H” and all?

What’s a Hero?

Heroes (with the capital “H”) are very special readers who get in on the ground level of exciting projects, supporting them before they’re published. In exchange, they score themselves awesome perks such as limited editions and early releases.

How do you become a Hero?

It’s easy! You can become a Hero by backing one of my Kickstarter campaigns.

Kickstarter Heroes get:

  • special campaign badges
  • limited edition hardbacks
  • exclusive book boxes
  • and whatever else I think up!