What’s your poison?

Dark witches?
Flesh-eating unicorns?
Take your pick! 

Full disclosure, there are no actual flesh-eating unicorns in any of my books (yet) but if I were to write about unicorns, you can get your arse they’d be carnivorous. Because what’s magic without a little blood, right?

Anyways, you’ve probably noticed, particularly if you’ve read Short Bits, that I write across a few different genres—sci-fi, fantasy and urban fantasy—but all with my own little spin. The spin is morally grey: good people doing bad things, bad people doing good things, fleshing-eating unicorns, that kinda jazz.

So, the question is… what’s your favourite flavour outta all that and where should you go next?

Well, I got some suggestions.


If you like:

Urban fantasy 

If you like:


If you like:

  • gritty battles, Valkyries and epic scenery, you can’t go past the Women in White short story series (soon to be novels!!), found in Short Bits volumes 2 thru 4.
  • stories of revenge, check out Reprisal and keep your ear to the ground for my upcoming necromancer series. 

How’s that? Helpful? If you’d like some more suggestions about what story to dive into next, leave a comment below ????.