Tales of The Light

A heartbreakingly dark and gripping short story

–Sarah, The Adventures of Sacakat

Reprisal: A Tale of The Light

A single slip. A night of terror.

Elouise is a dutiful wife, a good mother, and a witch, but in this time of superstition, when men of power incite fear and the slightest hint of witchcraft invites the wrath of the mob, she is forced to hide her magic. She hides it well, until a moment of inattention exposes her secret and sets her on the path to tragedy and revenge.

Reprisal is a chilling short story of magic, betrayal and revenge.

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Author’s note

A few years back, I was watching a terrible teen movie about a bunch of dudes with magic. It’s only redeeming features where the eye-candy and a rather chauvinist plot device that meant only men could wield magic.

Now, that last part isn’t normally a good thing, but in this respect, it ticked me off so much that I came up with the idea for Tales of the Light.

I won’t tell you any more about it, except that Reprisal is the prologue of a longer story.

Although it’s not my on writing calendar just yet, Tales of the Light is definitely a project I’m keen to get back to.