Race: The Hero Rebellion 1.5 (Special Edition eBook)


(eBook) A Hero Rebellion short story set between the events of Hero and Riven.

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This exclusive, illustrated edition is only available directly from the author.


Descend into the Twilight, to a world of illegal street races and genetically engineered animal companions, where the only thing more dangerous than the competition is the girl in its midst.

Hero Regan’s got a race to win, but with police on her tail and something funky happening with her telepathy, the finish line may be out of reach.

(Race takes place between the events of Hero and Riven, and contains some minor spoilers.)

About this special edition

This special, illustrated edition of Race contains 11 illustrations drawn by the author (aka. me) plus 2 more by the talented Rose Hammer (Super Shark Studios), and was made possible by the support of 16 fabulous backers on Kickstarter.


THIS IS AN EBOOK. For the paperback, click here.

Available as an ePub or mobi.