#EpicTBRChallenge2021: Are you ready to conquer your to-be-read pile?

#EpicTBRChallenge2021: I'm taking the challenge! Are you?
Photo of my handwritten TBR list.
There are four pages of unread books here, a little water damaged thanks to the cat, but still legible.

Ok, so, I have a little (aka. monstrous) problem with collecting books, ebooks to be specific (I blame all of those “give me your email and get a free book!” offers floating about, and the pretty covers). I have the same problem with paperbacks, particularly illustrated editions, but it’s not as rampant as my ebook addiction. 

Last year, in a fit of planing zeal, I made a list of all the unread books on my ereader and it was… Let’s just go with “a lot”.

Some of these books have been sitting there for a several (*cough* six *cough cough*) years and I thought, “enough is enough, I downloaded these for a reason, let’s get reading!”. I cleared 10 books from the pile (we’re not going to count the ones I added), this year I’m going to do better. 

You should join me!

It’s really easy, simply announce how many books you’re going to conquer using the hashtag #EpicTBRChallenge2021.

Then every time you knock one off, post a picture of the cover with the hashtag and let us know if it was a DNF, Just Ok or Epic!

At the end of the year, take stock and feel damn proud of yourself for conquering the TBR mountain. 

We can cheer each other on, and compare notes and book lists. 

To keep things interesting and help us stay motivated, I’ll be issuing mini-challenges and games as the year progresses, complete with prizes. 

Remember, to join the challenge all you have to do is:

  1. Announce how many books you’re going to knock off your TBR list on social media, using the hashtag #EpicTBRChallenge2021
  2. Every time you tick a book off, post a picture of the book with the hashtag #EpicTBRChallenge2021
    • Let us know whether it was DNF, Just Ok or EPIC!
  3. Keep an eye out for the mini-challenges and games!

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