Plot frustrations

I’m frustrated. I’m on the second re-working of the plot for my novel (the first re-working I consigned 17,000 words to the trash heap) and I’m still not entirely sure what the buggery I’m doing.

In places the plot feels artificial, forced, and the few kernels I’m really interested in I can’t seem to work into the plot in a way that doesn’t feel … well … dumb. Maybe I’m trying to put something into words that can’t be put into words, or isn’t easily expressed in a synopsis.

I feel like I need to write a detailed synopsis/plot so that what I do write makes sense and forms a good story (structured, interesting for the reader). Perhaps this is a mistake, a reaction to my first draft, which was criticised for lacking structure and having too many disparate threads (perfectly acurate in hindsight).

I think I think too much. Maybe the problem is my analytical self going into overdrive in an attempt to create the most perfect first draft ever because my inner critic will accept nothing less.

Damn my inner critic. How do I kill her, or at least get her drunk enough that she thinks my every idea is brilliant?

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