Page 1 – Key of 3rd

The ficlet in third person perspective. Read the read the other versions (first person and second person) and tell me which one you prefer.

She is Svana, daughter of Jorge and Heidi, sister to Sassa, mother and wife to none.

There is a burning desire in her heart for she knows not what. By night she is tantalised by fragments of dreams that are more than dreams, by day she buries herself in trivialities and knows that she is meant for more than this, more than her relationships, more than her work and the knowledge drives her mad.

Who, what, why is she? The key to it all resides within the fragmented narratives of her dreaming, she knows it like she knows she has a purpose beyond her everyday humdrum. She know it with an absolute certainty that sits in her heart like a stone, strengthening her even as it weighs her down. But the dreams that border painfully on memory find no meaning within the meagre wealth of her existence, beyond the literal confusion of historical fact and scientific fantasy. And so she wait, wait for some clue, some sign to unlock the mystery that is she.

She is Svana, daughter of Jorge and Heidi, sister to Sassa, mother and wife to none and she is waiting.

4 thoughts on “Page 1 – Key of 3rd

  1. :O ….. YOU wrote this? really? Gashaw…….>! but seriously, its pretty black hole-ish, sucks you in nicely. Is this the start of your next book?

    1. Thanks S.I.M.o.N 🙂 It’s an idea for a longer story, maybe a novel at some later time. And your vote/preference for the 3rd person version of the story is noted!

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