First, Second or Third. You tell me.

So, I have this ficlet which I posted awhile past on my old blog and now I want to try something that I’ve seen done over on Max Barry’s blog ( I’m starting an online serial novella but I need/want/crave your feedback and advice. Why? Because receiving feedback is my addiction.

The novella is called “The Hybrid Theory” which is really just a working title until I can come up with something better, and I’d love to know whether you, the reader, would rather it in the first, second or third person. I’ve posted the ficlet, titled “I am” (since re-titled “Page 1”), thrice, once it first person, once in second and once in third. So, if you’re feeling game, read each version of the ficlet (linked below) and state your opinion.

“I am”/Page 1
First Person
Second Person
Third Person

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