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10 debuts I'm looking forward to in 2013

Top 10 Tuesday. Hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday list was great because I had to go and find 10 debut books I wanted to read. Usually I’m so busy doing my chicken without a head impersonation that I don’t take the time to find out what’s happening in the bookish world.

While there are a lot of books coming out this year, most of them are urban fantasy and I’m a little overloaded on that genre. It also doesn’t help that I’m hideously picky about my reading matter, so my Top 10 is really a Top 9. Continue reading

The Thursday Trail – A look at the future

I feel like the rabbit from Wonderland, running around yelling “I’m late, I’m late I’m late!” However, I feel just like myself when I say, I was distracted by a book, revisions to be exact, which is why my first contribution to the Thursday Trail (hosted by Hollywood the Write Way), A Look at the Future, is just a tinsy bit late (if for tinsy, you substitute something the size of the Death Star).

My look at the future involves not just looking forward, but taking a few glances back, because while technology advances faster and faster, we don’t. Continue reading