In Review

Ceylon & Rose Petals

My first Monstrositea Tea Subscription came this week, including a sample of ceylon pekoe and one of rose petals. I immediately tired one of their suggested recipes (1/2 tsp of ceylon pekoe and 1/2 tsp of rose petals). Brewed for 5 minutes, served black.

Verdict: Not the best cup of tea I’ve ever had. I’m definitely a black tea kind of girl, and this needs more of it.

Blake Synder's Beat Sheet, with template

Best for those outling a new work. What’s awesome about it The word count for each beat What’s not-so-awesome It’s daunting, especially when your manuscript is half-written No capacity to outline subplots The awesome When I first came across Blake Synder’s Beat Sheet (BS2), I was half-way through the manuscript for Hero and the word … Continue reading Blake Synder's Beat Sheet, with template